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Global Business Frontiers UK Ltd (GBF) is a UK company based in Manchester.

GBF renders its services to UK companies as well as EU and other companies across the Globe seeking entry new markets. We constantly hear that we live in a global economy, but what does that mean to you or your business?

Small , medium and even large sized businesses are used to feeling the negative effects of globalization but what about the opportunities it presents? Can you or your business ever really have global reach?

At Global Business Frontiers (GBF), we believe that every business can be multi-national and we are passionate about helping you expand the frontiers of your business and access new high growth markets across the globe. We will work closely with you, growing your business together as we set the platform to take your business to the next level.

GBF is unique in its range of services, as they all revolve around positive stepping stones to extend the reach of your business. Whether you have a product or a service or a franchise concept; GBF’s objective will to set the path to entering new Markets across the Globe.

We pride ourselves in having clients for a range of diversified sectors – so no matter what sector you are in – GBF will be in a position to render its service.



Global Market Entry

GBF is are viable Market Entry Strategists to the UK, USA, Europe, and Africa. Are you a company that has a product or service?

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International Business Development

Is there a difference between “ Export Consulting” and “Global Market Entry Specialists” and “International Business Development” ?

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Corporate Social Responsibility

While there is no single definition of CSR – it is an important ingredient to success and achieving objectives. GBF specialises in CSR…..

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Franchise Consulting and Sales

UK, USA, Middle East Franchise owners seeking to sell their franchises all to other regions will find that GBF will provide an interesting ……

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World Wide Procurement

We provide a bespoke service when it comes to buying globally. Procurement….

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Export Consulting

As GBF is well equipped and networked to enter new markets; we will provide a bespoke consulting service to identify which markets …..

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Global Stock Warehousing

This is one of our strongest strategies in achieving immediate sales. We have a network of safe, insured and secure Warehouses in several countries.

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Entrepreneur Visas

GBF provides a bespoke service to worldwide tycoons and entrepreneurs.
Want to Invest in the UK, USA, China? Or in the UAE?

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Global Project Management

Do you have a project overseas? Let us handle it on your behalf. We will agree on the objectives and leave the rest for us……

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International Logistics Consulting

Exporting and Importing goods is a complex process at times. Even if you….

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